Hi there, everybody, this is Daniel39, the greatest 'Thomas and Friends' # 1 fan on the internet websites, and just as you all know, I made up a lot of 'Thomas and Friends' stories with Rosie in it, and here's the list of the stories I wrote on Microsoft Word and posted on to Here they Are:

  • Pop Goes the Daisy
  • Daisy's Devious Deeds
  • A Clean Shave for Rosie
  • Percy and the Breakdown Train
  • Rosie's Caramel Crunch
  • Rosie and the Bees
  • No Jokes and Pranks for Rosie
  • Tiffany's Golden Whistle
  • Rosie, Gordon and the Fruitiful Afternoon
  • Rosie's 7th Birthday Party
  • Rosie Comes to Lunch
  • A Snowy Day
  • Down the Coal Mine
  • Rosie Takes the Plunge
  • The Runaway Part 2

Daniel39 17:13, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

'Thomas and Friends' Alphabet List

  • A: Annie, Albert and Abbey
  • B: Bertie, Bulstrode, Billy, Bulgy, Bill and Ben
  • C: Cranky, Charlie and Colin
  • D: Diesel 10, Daisy, Diesel, Dodge, Duck, Duncan, Donald and Douglas
  • E: Emily, Edward and Elizabeth
  • F: Fergus and Ferdinand
  • G: Gordon, George and Gertrude
  • H: Henry, Harold and Henrietta
  • I: Isobella and Isabel
  • J: James and Jack
  • K: Kelly and Kevin
  • L: Lady and Lucinda
  • M: Mavis, Molly and Murdoch
  • N: Neil, Ned and Neville
  • O: Oliver and Old Slow Coach
  • P: Percy and Peter Sam
  • Q: Quality Time
  • R: Rheneas, Rocky and Rusty
  • S: Stanley, Skarloey, Salty and Stepney
  • T: Thomas and Toby
  • U: Ulfstead
  • V: Victor
  • W: Whiff
  • X: X-Ray picture
  • Y: Yo-Yo
  • Z: Zebra

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