Trucks and other stories


Ringo Starr
Alec Baldwin
Pierce Brosnan





Trucks and other stories was the last VHS in the Thomas the Tank Engine TV seiers. Trucks was the VHS name with and other stories.

Episodes Edit

A bad day for Sir Handel (Alec Baldwin)

Trucks (Alec Baldwin)

Speacial Funnel (Alec Baldwin)  

Bulldog (Alec Baldwin)

Sir Handel to the Rescue (Pierce Brosnan)

Passengers and Polish (Alec Baldwin)

Henry's special coal (Ringo Starr)

Donald and Douglas (Ringo Starr)

The Deputation (Ringo Starr)

Goofs Edit

  • It's called Trucks and other stories but, on the back were the episode list is it says Rusty Helps Peter Sam.  

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