Timmy the tank engine is a railway series book from Matthew



  1. The Three Runway Engines


  1. 1 Timmy (Thomas)
  1. 2 Ella (Edward)
  1. 3 Helen (Henry)
  1. 4 Gabriel (Gordon)
  1. 5 Joey (James)
  1. 6 Pam (Percy)
  1. 7 Tim (Toby)
  1. 8 Dog, Manny (Duck, Montague)
  1. 9 Darty (Donald)
  1. 10 Daggis (Douglas)
  2. 11 Olly (Oliver)
  1. 1.Anna (Annie)
  1. Coach: Claro (Clarabel
  1. Bob and Bid (Bill & Ben)
  1. Bungo (Boco)
  1. Dina (Daisy)
  1. 329 (Diesel)


  1. Ella's Connection
  2. Helen The Scarce
  3. Gabriel The Strongest
  4. Gabriel Gets Booed
  5. Restrictions


  • In NWR, Ella & Helen are female, but Edward & Henry are male.
  • Darty & Daggis originally were yellow, but now black like Donald & Douglas
  • Bungo was a character from "Jungle Junction", but not THAT one. The one placed from BOCO!
  • The Sammy Railway was a place with six small engines.
  • 329 was ONLY in "The Three Runway Engines", but was able to have a cracked funnel.
  • "Gabriel Gets Booed" is the first episode to have angry birds.
  • The fifth episode, "Restrictions" is the first to have Joey painted red.


1. Ella's Connection

  1. 329's funnel appeared to be missing.

2. Helen the Scarce

  1. Joey had sticks in his tender.
  2. Helen has no sticks.
  3. Only Helen's face is shown and somthing on the ground says "No. 3" on it.

3. Gabriel the Strongest

  1. Gabriel had Ella's wheels on the 1st photo.

4. Gabriel Gets Booed

  1. Gabriel has no black on his funnel.
  2. Timmy has no sticks.

5. Restrictions

  1. Joey's sticks are black, and not gray.\
  2. When the helmet pig said, "329 has been dismantled for scrap!", 329 is making it IMPOSSIBLE to become scrap.

Why The Timmy Turner Engine!?Edit

  • Timmy is the normal character, but no way if it's "Turner" from the Fairly Odd Parents.

What Gave Me the Idea...Edit

It started a little rough, but was the idea from Teddy the Tank Engine from "Pozzitive".

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