Narrator: Tiffany's Golden Whistle.

Titlecard: See above

Written by:

Ryan Bannon

Narrator: The Island of Sodor is filled with lots of really reliable engines.......

Pete: (honks horn)

Bob: (whistles back)

Narrator: But sometimes, things don't quite go according to plan.

(Gordon, Spencer, and Carly race together when Gordon's safety valve nearly bursts)

Gordon: "Oh, the indignity!"

Narrator: That's why the Fat Controller (US: Sir Topham Hatt) sends in new engines to help them.

(The camera does a "Who's That Engine?"-style maneuver around a 0-6-0 Union Iron Works light tank with a pink paint scheme)

Take the case of Tiffany, the American tank engine who spoke with a British accent.

She had six small wheels, a headlamp on her funnel, two domes, and a brass bell. Her paintwork gleamed in the sunlight as she puffed her way toward Brendam Docks.


Porter: "Hello there! My name's Porter. What's yours?"

Tiffany: "My name's Tiffany."

Porter: "Oh! Nice to meet you, Tiffany."

Cranky: "What's with the holdup? My hook's getting tired!"

Salty: "Gee, we might as well cancel today's delivery then....."

Porter: (gasps) "No! Not that!"

Salty: "Sorry. As I was saying, I thought cancelling the delivery today was........who are you?"

Tiffany: "Tiffany. I'm a new tank engine and I want something better than my small, brass whistle........"

(Porter whistles)

"That's it! A whistle! And I know which colour I would like it to be....."

(Stephen pulls up next to Tiffany. His golden-yellow paintwork gives her a idea for what her whistle's colour will be)

"Gold! That's the one!"

Stephen: "You better be careful with what you wish for."

Tiffany: "Why?"

Stephen: "Golden whistles are very scarce to find, you know."

Narrator: Tiffany knew right away what she wanted to do; she didn't like that she didn't have a special whistle, and wanted to find a golden whistle that suited her the most.


Narrator: That afternoon, she boasted to the other engines.

Tiffany: "......that paint gave me a idea of what colour I would like my whistle to be!"

Gordon: "Nonsense. I like my strong, loud whistle better."

James: "Nonsense again! My golden dome and bright, shiny paintwork are much better than that!"

Henry: "What about my strength? I bet that's much, much better than both of those combined! Just watch me!"

(Henry comes up to a bunch of trucks just as BoCo comes into Knapford)

BoCo: "Stop it! All of you! What's the matter?"

Tiffany: "I had a idea about receiving a golden whistle and wanted to tell it to you."

BoCo: "Settle down there. This is a railway mainline station, not a gold mine."

Tiffany: "Gold mine?! That gave me an excellent idea!"

BoCo: "You three, there's no need to argue about strength, whistle volume, and shininess, especially around the new engine."

Henry: "Yes, BoCo......."


Narrator: A couple of minutes later, Tiffany was set to do some shunting.

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