Rating Logo

The Rating Logo for Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventure Quest

Announcer: This summer vacation, a brave and heroic train engine must dare face his quests to rescue 1 of his closest friends from terrible dangers…..

Thomas: “Rosie? where are you?!?”

Rosie: “Thomas, help, save me!”

Thomas: “Don’t worry about it, Rosie, we’re coming to save you!”

Announcer: Thomas and his train engine friends must defeat Diesel 10 and his evil diesel minions in order to rescue Rosie from his evil clutches………..

Diesel 10: “You pathetic little train engines are going down!”

Thomas: “Not this time, Diesel 10, and you’re not gonna destroy Rosie, or any of my other close friends!”

Announcer: “And featuring the narrations and talents of Pierce Brosnan as the new Mr. Conductor in and all new adventure quest.”

Mr. Conductor: “I gotta go now, Rosie must be waiting for me.”

Announcer: "Experience an entertaining event you'll never forget".

Announcer: ‘Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventures’, rated G, coming to theaters June 20, 2014.”

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