This is a movie made by Ramahfool. The face actor is Daneboe (whose real name is revealed on the Annoying Orange TV show). This is also the first time Thomas and his friends wield swords.

Characters and Knight CharactersEdit

Characters: King Arthur Names:

Thomas Himself, but revealed as the true

King Arthur at the end.

Percy The Blacksmith

Diesel Sir Lancelot

Mikey (swears a lot) Sir Gwayin

Daisy Sir Percival

Diesel 10 King Arthur

Rosie Lady of The Lake

Story 1Edit

Merlina is running away from King Arthur and he summons his KOTU knight copies (after kidnaping real KOTUs). Then she puts her wand in the air summoning Thomas onto train tracks. Then Thomas and Merlina go in a tornado before he can defeat King Arthur. Then Thomas heads off to wield Caliburn. Then he finds out Caliburn talks and they find the Blacksmith. Thomas confuses the Blacksmith as Percy because they look alike. Then he tells Thomas to search for the Lady of The Lake after beating Lancelot. (3 days later...) Percival introduces herself and Thomas defeats her, under the name Sir Thomas, Knight of The Coal. Then he defeats King Arthur by using the Sacred Swords to form a Triangle.

Characters Unlocked in Story 1Edit


Diesel with a sword but no armor

Mikey with a sword but no armor

Daisy with a sword but no armor

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