Thomas: Blast to the past is a new story coming out on this wiki soon. It takes place on Earth 2 (The Jokester's Earth). It features Thomas going into the 1890's and trying to find his way back. On the way he meets new friends, and old friends. Join in on the excitement of Thomas's most epic journey yet!


  • Thomas (Modern)
  • Edward (modern)
  • Henry (modern)
  • Gordon (modern)
  • James (modern)
  • Percy (modern)
  • Toby (modern)
  • Duck (modern)
  • Donald (modern)
  • Douglas (modern)
  • Sir Topham Hatt 4 (modern)
  • Edward (1890's)
  • Hubert (1890's)
  • John (1890's)
  • Isabell (1890's)
  • Mary (1890's)
  • Toby (1890's)
  • Sir Topham Hatt Sr. (1890's)

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