The Wheelhouse-less Tug is a tugboat that once was named Angelina and worked at the Logging-Camps on Sodor in the late 18th century. Thomas told a story about her to Dixon, Gaz, and Wilbur, three tugs in the Brendam Fleet, owned by Captain Brendam, who is named after the docks there, Since Dixon said that he thought he saw a ghost. Angelina was a tugboat who had three other tugs working at the Logging-Camps with her, Connor, Millie and Stephen. The four were great friends but one day, as Angelina was working at the Camps, something terrible happened. Three men were cutting down a tree nearby but as Angelina round the bend, the tree fell upon her and crushed her wheelhouse to pieces! and shortly after, she sank. But the men couldn't afford the equipment to recover Angelina so they just left her. So, after the incident with Angelina, Connor, Millie and Stephen decided that they should go out there and find her wreck. But as they searched, they noticed something in the distance. It looked like Angelina but there was something different about it. They called out to her but there was no reply so they inched closer and closer and when they were close enough, they saw that it was a tug but not Angelina. They examined her carefully but soon they realized that she had the name 'Angelina' written on her side. They began to realize that their friend was now a ghost! And after they started to run away, they realized that their friend was now The Wheelhouse-less Tug, a tugboat that yanks tugs underwater with her. And just when the three tugs thought they were safe, The Wheelhouse-less Tug tugged them underwater and they were never seen again. But word has it that the wreck of Angelina is still out there and anyone who has ever gone looking for her disappears.    


As Angelina she was red and white and wore a blue cap. As The Wheelhouse-less Tug she is white all over and does not have a wheelhouse.

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