The Small Railway Chronicles is a Thomas & Friends spinoff. It focuses on the Arlesdale Railway.


Rex- The railway's #1. He is the railway's oldest engine. He met Duck when he found out where the ballast comes from.

Bert- The railway's #2. He has traction problems. He has been rebuilt with a taller smokestack, dome, and cab.

Mike- The railway's #3. He prefers freight trains to passenger trains. He once lost his whistle trying to shoo a cow.

Frank- The railway's #4. He is the first diesel on the railway. He complains a lot and once broke a bumper in the shed.

Jock- The railway's #5. He is the line's youngest engine. His name was suggested by Douglas because his paint reminds him of the Highland Engines.

Henry- The North Western Railway's #3.

Gordon- The North Western Railway's #4.

James- The North Western Railway's #5.






The coaches

The Small Controller


Season 1Edit

Ballast/Verra Wee Engines

Tit For Tat/Bert And The Clergymen

Mike's Whistle

Useful Railway/Wool

We Need Another Engine

Sticking Power



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