Narrator: The Law Breaker Delinquent Road Party.

Titlecard: See above

Written by:

Ryan Bannon

Based on a idea by

Daniel Alsop

Narrator: Donald and Douglas are Scottish twin engines.

They work on Duck's branchline on the Little Western. Sometimes, they pull coaches..........

...........and sometimes they pull trucks (US: and cars).

But whenever the situation comes, they, and will always, hate to be separated.


Narrator: One night, the Fat Controller (US: Sir Topham Hatt) came to see them.

Fat Controller: "I have a very important job for you: The shunting work on Thomas' branchline has been moving slowly, so you two are who I need to speed it up.

Donald: "Och, yes, sir!"

Douglas: "Right away, sir."

(Both twins whistle)


Narrator: The twins never minded the cold and dark weather at all.


(Two dump trucks sped past Douglas, and then Donald)

Douglas: "Och! 'Wat was tat, Donal'?"

Donald: "I don't know, Douggie!"

Narrator: It was Max and Monty, from the Sodor Construction Company, who were trying to get to S.C. Ruffey, who has missions for them.

Max: "Ha-ha-hah! We're never going to be stopped now!

Monty: "You're right, M--- ooh, look at that tree! Let's spray it with this paint can!"

S.C. Ruffey: "There you are! I was wondering if....."

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