Tarquin the Terrible is the first episode from Season #1.


Neville is taking some trucks to the Smelters Yard and his brakevan nicknamed Tarquin the Terrible is rude to him. That afternoon, Tarquin teases Toby after getting covered with coal. Later he bumps James covering him in oil, brakes away from Percy and falls in a ditch. The Fat Controller takes him out of service and turns him into a mobile fish and chips shop.


Thomas (non speaking role





Emily (non speaking role)



The Troublesome trucks


James: What are you doing here Neville?

Neville: I'm taking these empty trucks to the Smelters and bringing back loaded ones

Tarquin: I wanted a proper engine. Not a big black monster.

Toby: How rude!

Neville: His name is Tarquin but I call him Tarquin the Terrible. (puffs away)

Percy: He really is terrible. I think he needs to be taught manners.

Tarquin: You're quite good at getting girty, Toby. (trucks giggle)

Toby: That van really gets up my funnel.

James: Stupid thing!

Narrator: Tarquin gave James a rude bump and oil splashed everywhere.

Tarquin: Got ya!

James: My beautiful red paint!

Percy: Flaming fireboxes! Gordon: Hello Tarquin. I didn't know you liked fish.

Tarquin: At least The Fat Controller didn't scrap me.

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