Season 1 of the Sodor fanseries will be released on WaltWiz1901's YouTube channel in 2018. The first season takes place outside of the canon television series, and as such features one-shot characters from the HiT era of the show, characters from The Railway Series that have not appeared in the show yet, and characters created by the fandom.


  • Where Our Story Begins - A wise blue engine, a strong tender engine afraid of the rain, and a proud and arrogant express engine help each-other out of trouble and become good friends. Meanwhile, a tank engine wants to come out of the shunting yard to see the world, but he must weather the antics of villainous goods trucks and a great deal of trouble first.
    • Adapted from The Three Railway Engines and Thomas the Tank Engine by Wilbert Awdry, The Adventure Begins, and the first seven episodes of Thomas Abridged by ToonGuy
  • Our Story Continues - Thomas receives a branchline, finds himself in hot waters with a guard, gets fish stuck in his boiler, and learns that non-rail vehicles can be as useful as he and his friends. Meanwhile, a newcomer gets rough with the coaches and must redeem himself to regain respect; when James, Gordon, and Henry land themselves into disaster, the Fat Controller buys a new shunter to do their work with Thomas and Edward.
    • Adapted from James the Red Engine, Tank Engine Thomas Again, and Troublesome Engines by Wilbert Awdry and the fanfictions Troublesome Engines (Chase The Ferroequinologist) and episodes 8-17 of Thomas Abridged (ToonGuy)


  • The Treasure Hunt - While the Fat Controller goes through paperwork in his office, he comes across a queerly-drawn picture that looks a lot like a treasure map. Misinterpreting this as the time to look for treasure, Thomas and Percy fantasise about being pirates searching for a particularly special "treasure" at Brendam Docks. 
  • Ashima Returns - Ashima returns to Sodor to work on the railway and is reunited with Thomas, along with Vinnie who gets bullied by the Troublesome Trucks.
    • Written by user
  • Thomas Has Some Fun - Thomas tries not to get involved with Diesel and Daisy's pranks.
    • Written by Ryan Bannon; loosely adapted from the episode of the same title from Daniel Alsop's Thomas and Friends webseries
  • The Law Breaker Delinquent Road Party - Donald and Douglas meet a trio of the loudest and disruptive road vehicles ever. Meanwhile, Thomas and Percy spend the night with Bill and Ben.
  • Diesel's Day - Duck, the Great Western engine, becomes wary when Sir Topham Hatt sends Diesel back to work with him, Thomas, Percy, and Toby.
  • Rosie and the Bees - Rosie's bravery gets tested by a swarm of bees, and things do not improve when one of them stings her on the nose.
    • Written by Daniel Van Ness; script expanded by Ryan Bannon
  • Marcus, We'll Never Forget About You - Duck and Oliver find a new friend in Marcus, a famous engine from the mainland, but while pulling a heavy train, Marcus' boiler blows up and he ceases to live.
    • Written by Daniel Van Ness
  • Gordon the Builder - The Steam Team attempt to build a shed after Gordon gets inspired by Grand Designs - and the construction is extremely far from perfect.
    • Adapted from a fanfiction by ToonGuy
  • Locked Out! - Ryan takes Thomas' place in Tidmouth Sheds, and Thomas has a hard time finding somewhere to sleep for the night.
    • Adapted from a fanfiction by Chase The Ferroequinologist
  • Polar Bear - While performing a rescue at Wellsworth, Bear's weight buckles the tracks underneath him. Henry finds the incident a joke, but he derails at trap-points and the tables are turned.
    • Adapted from Winter Engines, a volume of the Expanded Railway Series on Sodor Island Fansite
  • Double the Trouble - The SodOil Refinery is announced. Toby falls ill during construction, and Edward must take his place temporarily, leaving Douglas to work on his branchline. While there, however, Bill and Ben tease him, and it's up to Donald to put things right.
    • Adapted from Sodor Oil Engines, a volume of the Expanded Railway Series
  • Thomas vs. Drampf - A mayoral race between Thomas and John Drampf occurs on Sodor, and when things go awry, a violent battle ensues.
    • Adapted from a side-plot ongoing through season 4 of ToonGuy's Thomas Abridged
  • The Universal Remote - The Sodor Steamworks build a remote that can make anything happen on the railway - but James' driver mistakes it for coal and accidentally puts it inside his firebox, making anything in his way run amok.
    • Written by Ryan Bannon
  • The Fat Controller's Diary - Gordon finds himself in trouble with the Fat Controller when he ends up boosting Percy's mail run too fast, and when he reads from the Fat Controller's journal, he gets into even more hot waters with both him and the railway inspector.
    • Written by Ryan Bannon; inspired by a similar story by Maddalonefarms
  • Scrambled Eggs - Thomas' weight exceeds a bridge limit given by the Fat Controller, so he must work on Edward's branchline instead. On the way, a lorry filled with eggs ends up stuck on a crossing, and Thomas is sent barging into it - sending the eggs all over him and making him an easy target for Bill and Ben's teasing.
    • Adapted from the story of the same name from Thomas and the Twins by Christopher Awdry

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