It's Rosie's 7th birthday party, but where are all of the birthday party decorations? Rosie thinks her close friends have forgotten, but they might have a real big surprise for her.

Story TranscriptEdit

Here comes Rosie the Super Spirited Engine.

Rosie and her good friends work very hard all day and night.

Rosie doesn’t wanna work this afternoon, ‘cause today’s her 7th birthday party.

She wants it to be good with birthday party gifts, noise makers, games and all sorts of good stuff.

Rosie’s driver says to Rosie: “Come on, Rosie, let’s get to work while Thomas, Percy, Neville, Emily and the other railroad engines finish setting up for your 7th birthday party.

Rosie goes off to work.

She collects passengers, she collects wood, she collects zoo animals and she also collects crates.

Rosie sees her close friends near the train engine shed.

“Nobody says happy 7th birthday to me.” “Nobody says 1 single word about birthday party gifts, games and everything.”

At the end of the day, Rosie goes back home.

“Those railroad engines didn’t look very busy to me.”

“Oh dear!” A pig is in their way of going back home.

“Go away!” says Rosie.

“Oink, oink, squeal.” says the pig.

“No, no, no!” says Rosie. “Not oink, oink, squeal, GO AWAY!”

At last, the pig goes away.

Rosie is late, Rosie is tired.

“Some birthday party.”

When Rosie’s driver took Rosie back home to the train engine shed, she opened the doors and Rosie trundled inside.

The lights came on.

“Surprise!” “Happy 7th birthday, Rosie!” exclaims all of Rosie’s close friends.

“We were very busy.” says Percy.

“We were busy setting up a 7th birthday party for you, Rosie.” says Thomas.

It’s a wonderful birthday party, there are birthday party gifts, games and everything to have a lot of fun with.

Happy 7th birthday, Rosie!

End of story sequence.........................................................