Rosie is a pink tank engine who is a female version of Thomas in the series. She will soon be voiced by Bonnie Wright in the upcoming live action/CGI movie: Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventures.

Rosie the Feisty Energetic Engine
Rosie's 7th Birthday Party

Rosie to appear in Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventures


Date of Birth

December 3, 1978

Best Friends Forever

Thomas Emily Molly and Mavis


Pop Goes the Daisy

Daisy's Devious Deeds

A Clean Shave for Rosie

Percy and the Breakdown Train

No Jokes and Pranks for Rosie

Edward's Forest

Tiffany's Golden Whistle

Down the Coal Mine

Rosie's Caramel Crunch

Rosie, Gordon and the Fruitiful Afternoon

Rosie Comes to Lunch

A Snowy Day

Rosie Takes the Plunge

Rosie and the Bees

The Runaway Part 2

Chapter Books

Rosie's 7th Birthday Party

Comic Magazines

Rosie's Ghost Train Hunt

Wooden Train Playsets

Rosie's Carnival Special, Thomas and the Birthday Mail, Thomas and the Runaway Car and A Clean Shave for Rosie

English Voice Portrayer

Bonnie Wright

Spanish Voice Portrayer

Isacha Mengíbar

1st appearance

Thomas and the Birthday Mail

Theme Song for Her Arrival

Rosie's Heroic Theme Tune