Rampage of the Rail Bandits
Rampage of the Rail Bandits is a special written by "Chase the Ferroequinologist", released in August 2016.

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  • The special takes place between Fan Season 1 and Fan Season 2.
  • This special marks the first of multiple things:
    • The first CGI Thomas special to run 90 minutes.
    • Arthur's first appearance in full CGI.
    • Rosie's first major role since Diesel's Special Delivery.
    • The first time America is mentioned by name in the television series.
    • The first time Toryreck has appeared in the television series since Season 4.
    • The first special since Tale of the Brave to have a stylized open sequence.
    • The first Thomas media of any kind to have a gun in it.
  • Several music cues are references to earlier parts of the series:
    • Thomas' original theme appears several times throughout the special.
    • A recreation of Oliver's theme appears before Oliver and Toad are attacked.
    • Rosie's theme is a recurring leitmotif whenever Rosie is on screen.
  • Several references are made throughout the special:
    • When Class 40, Millie, and Stephen are all teasing Samson, they make references to Harvey Takes a Stand, Samson Sent for Scrap, and Samson at Your Service respectively.
    • Sidney Sings is referenced in Diesel telling Sidney to make up a song again.
    • When Oliver and Toad are at Arlesburgh Junction, Duck makes reference to Close Encounters of the Toad Kind.
    • Gordon's indignity with Jeb's whistle problems, and then his own, are a reference to Whistles and Sneezes.