These are fan-made for the Plarail Thomas & Friends range by TAKARA TOMY. Please note that, because of this, they are not at all real and have very slim chances of becoming such things.

Engines Edit

Regular 3-to-4-piece engine packs Edit

As with the 2012 range, the engines selected will vary depending on how common they are in the CGI series.

  • TS-01 Thomas (contains Thomas (redesigned with CGI face, red lining behind coal bunker, and recoloured black chassis), Annie, and Clarabel (redesigned with CGI faces and blackish-grey roofs)
  • TS-02 Edward (contains Edward (redesigned with CGI face and separately coupled tender) and two Troublesome Trucks (both with CGI faces)
  • TS-03 Henry (contains Henry (redesigned with CGI face and separately coupled tender) and "Flying Kipper" van (recoloured mail coach))
  • TS-04 Gordon (contains Gordon (same as 2015 version; redesigned with 2-speed motor and cab windows) and green express coach)
  • TS-05 James (contains James and brakevan (same as 2014 version; redesigned with cab windows))
  • TS-06 Percy (contains Percy (redesigned with CGI face, updated detail, and recoloured black chassis) and two mail coaches (CGI detail))
  • TS-07 Toby (contains Toby (redesigned with CGI face and updated detail), Henrietta, and CGI Troublesome Truck)
  • TS-08 Emily (contains Emily (redesigned with CGI face and silver buffers) and coach)
  • TS-09 Duck (contains Duck (redesigned with CGI face, slightly larger funnel, and updated detail), CGI Troublesome Truck, and Great Western cattle van)
  • TS-10 Donald (contains Donald (redesigned with CGI face and nameplate moved nearer to smokebox) and CGI Troublesome Trucks)
  • TS-11 Oliver (contains Oliver (redesigned with CGI face, green wheels, black running board, and updated detail) with cattle van and Toad (redesigned with CGI face and updated detail))
  • TS-12 Diesel (contains Diesel (redesigned with CGI face and moving siderods), CGI fuel tanker, and CGI Troublesome Truck)
  • TS-13 Bill (contains Bill (with CGI face, red wheels, white running board, and updated detail) and CGI Troublesome Trucks with china clay and rubble loads)
  • TS-14 Spencer (contains Spencer (redesigned with CGI face, 2-speed motor, and silver paintwork) and redesigned special coach)
  • TS-15 Belle (contains Belle and two Search and Rescue tankers (same as 2012 version))
  • TS-16 Daisy (contains Daisy (with CGI face), CGI milk tanker, and cattle van)
  • TS-17 Hiro (contains Hiro (with updated face) and truck with barrel load)
  • TS-18 Diesel 10 (contains Diesel 10 (redesigned with CGI face and fully articulated Pinchy), CGI fuel tanker, and Dieselworks parts truck)
  • TS-19 Skarloey (contains Skarloey (redesigned with CGI face, moving siderods, and updated detail) and two "Talyllyn Coaches")
  • TS-20 Duncan (contains Duncan (redesigned with CGI face, red running board, and updated detail) and two slate trucks)
  • TS-21 Rheneas (contains Rheneas (with CGI face, vermilion paintwork, and moving siderods), narrow gauge open wagon, and narrow gauge brakevan)
  • TS-22 Sir Handel (contains Sir Handel (redesigned with CGI face, black wheels, and redesigned detail) and two slate trucks)
  • TS-23 Peter Sam (contains Peter Sam (with CGI face and moving siderods), slate truck, and open wagon)
  • TS-24 Rusty (contains Rusty (redesigned with CGI face and updated detail) and two "Talyllyn Coaches")
  • TS-25 Luke (contains Luke (enhanced with silver buffers) red truck with barrel load, and yellow log wagon (same as 2013 version))
  • TS-26 Mavis (contains Mavis (redesigned with CGI face and updated detail), hopper truck with rock load, and CGI Troublesome Truck)
  • TS-27 Salty (contains Salty (redesigned with CGI face, black buffers, and updated detail), fish van, and truck with crate loads)
  • TS-28 Stephen (contains Stephen and red open wagon with crown (same as 2014 version))
  • TS-29 Connor (contains Connor and turquoise passenger coach (same as 2014 version))
  • TS-30 Gator and Marion (contains Gator, dinosaur fossil truck, and Marion (same as 2015 Gator and Marion pack; Gator's rear buffers painted))
  • TS-31 Victor (contains Victor, engine parts truck, and flatbed (same as 2012 version))
  • TS-32 Caitlin (contains Caitlin and hot-pink passenger coach)
  • TS-33 Paxton (contains Paxton and two trucks with slate and rubble loads)
  • TS-34 Ryan and Skiff (contains Ryan, yellow truck, and Skiff (same as 2016 version))
  • TS-35 Porter (contains Porter, truck with fish crate load, and salt van)
  • TS-36 Harvey (contains Harvey, yellow works coach, and purplish-blue flatbed (same as 2014 version)
  • TS-37 Philip (contains Philip, blue coach, and green truck)
  • TS-38 Douglas (contains Douglas (with same detailing as Donald), red truck, and grey truck)
  • TS-39 Den and Dart (contains Den, Dart (both motorised), engine supply truck, and flatbed)
  • TS-40 Ben (contains Ben (with same detailing as Bill) and two trucks with china clay loads)
  • TS-41 Flynn (contains Flynn, water tank, and trailer (same as 2013 version))
  • TS-42 Millie (contains Millie, red open-topped carriage, and narrow gauge brakevan)
  • TS-43 Stafford (contains Stafford, electricity van, and flatbed)
  • TS-44 'Arry and Bert (contains 'Arry, Bert (both motorised), and orange works coach)

Talking engines Edit

  • TT-01 Talking Thomas (contains Thomas (power unit), Annie (sound unit), and Clarabel)
  • TT-02 Talking Percy (contains Percy (power unit), mail coach (sound unit), and white flatbed)
  • TT-03 Talking James (contains James (power/sound unit) and red express coach)
  • TT-04 Talking Gordon (contains Gordon (power/sound unit) and green express coach)
  • TT-05 Talking Edward (contains Edward (power/sound unit) and coach)
  • TT-06 Talking Henry (contains Henry (power/sound unit) and green express coach)
  • TT-07 Talking Toby (contains Toby (power unit), Henrietta (sound unit), and sliding door van)
  • TT-08 Talking Hiro (contains Hiro (power/sound unit) and red truck)

Remote-Control engines Edit

  • TR-01 Remote-Control Thomas (contains Thomas, Annie (power unit), and Clarabel)
  • TR-02 Remote-Control Percy (contains Percy, red coach (power unit), and oil tanker)
  • TR-03 Remote-Control James (contains James (tender is power unit) and black truck)
  • TR-04 Remote-Control Gordon (contains Gordon (engine is power unit) and green express coach)
  • TR-05 Remote-Control Toby (contains Toby, Henrietta (power unit), and Troublesome Truck)

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