Dennis finds new engines!

One day, Dennis was driving his Peel P50 that was built with reverse gear (his requirements for owning world-record holding cars) back to the Fat Controller's house after a grocery trip (and yes, his Peel P50 has a bottomless cargo area). He was going only 19 kph (or 19 mph if you live in the United States).

Anyway, after he arrived at the house, The Fat Controller gave him a sheet of paper.

"Our budget has completely ran out again" read Dennis. "We need to raise money in order to buy more engines and get more tourists to come to Sodor".

"Oh bugger!" said Isaiah. "I'll go sell some Ice Cream"

After selling Ice Cream, the Island of Sodor had a infinite budget. (In US dollars, because Dennis and Isaiah were originally from the United States). 

Then Dennis and Isaiah went to find new engines.

While working, they discovered characters that never saw the light of day.

"My name is Railtrack Relaxer, and Britt Allcroft saw me as offensive to the hypnotizers of both England and the United States, so I was never put in the show" said the one with the diamonds on his buffers.

"Brother, my name is nWo James, and I was a mysterious engine from a abandoned warehouse occupied by the nWo wrestling stable from the WCW who attempted to take over the Island of Sodor and run it in the manner of a street gang. It is the nWo's behavior in the WCW that kept Britt Allcroft from ever putting me in the show, and THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!" said the one that looked like James except he looked like the original black James and a nWo logo where the number 5 would normally be and wore a pair of sunglasses.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Anywaysa, mya namea isa General Ludwig von Iron. Ia runa ona slavs anda doesn'ta doa anya worka, anda mya onlya joba appeareda toa bea toa terrifya thea othera enginesa! Ia onlya spokea ina screaming tonesa anda ina ana incomprehensiblea dialecta whicha Ia claimeda toa havea learneda froma Pootie Tanga." said the 500-year-old engine that ran on Slavs.

"My name is Com-eng, the semi-retired train from Connex/Veiola (connex apologises for any inconveniences caused)" said the train that looked like Southern Pacific #2568 when it was wrecked.


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