The London Railway System is a rich railway located in London, England. Many good working engines are bought from other railway's and brought here.


The London Railway System was founded March 14th, 1867. Many pepole needed rides faster than a horse-carrige, so there were many passengers. In 1925 the railway experienced a lack of engines, so they set out and bought many engines. The London Railway System sent some of their "old" and famous engines to the London Railway Musem in 2003. The London Railway System is still around today, but they have more diesels.


Hubert- Hubert was bought for the railway in 1928. He became an express engine and worked hard until 2003 when he was sent to the London Train Musem.

Gordon- Gordon was created for the railway in 1904 and had a green coat of paint. The young engine loved to pull the express with his brothers until he was bought by the Sodor Railway in 1923.

The Flying Scottsman- The Flying Scottsman is a green engine created for the railway in 1904. He one of many of Gordon's brothers. He pulled the express along with Gordon, and he is still there today, still an Express Engine.

Oliver- Oliver is a green tank engine bought from Yorktown Railway System in 1929. He proved himself useful doing jobs other engines wouldn't do, like shunting freight. He had a problem with his smoke box in 1954 and was sent to the scrapyard. There he was rescued by Sodor Railway Engines.

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