The island of Songo is a large island owned by Mr. Conductor. It has a national fandango.


In the year of 1988, the island was located near the island of Sodor in England. After a while, two engines, Bort and Cloey were bought by the controller and was the pride of the railway. The railway started in 1999 with new engines about and new locations. A beach named the Sand Glore was near the fishing village named Old Cosbet. The docks were called the Large Area and two stations were named: the Jerolle Station and the Bronze Station.

After 2000, a gorge was a new addition to the railway named The Mud Pond. A new engine named Ned also joined the railway during mid-summer 2002.

An old bridge called The Steal Bridge was over the valley's enterace.

During 2004 and 2005, more engines named Sed, Jed, Fanco (locomotive], and Fred proved that they were really useful.

Two railroad buses named Wallace and Mitchell became best friends during mid-winter in 2006.

The island is so big, you should visit some time. It is a lovely place.

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