Hoo Loo is a character.


Hoo Loo is painted light purple with a blue 22 on each side.


Hoo Loo is shaped like Thomas, except with different a paint and whistle.


Hoo Loo was sent to the railway after Gordon's accident in the field while Gordon was being mended. Hoo Loo got his jobs done on time,but Thomas was jealous.Hoo Loo was asked to pull trucks from the quarry to the Pack,but they were the troublesome trucks.Thomas asked them to send Hoo Loo down the old line.As a result,the trucks sent Hoo Loo off the rails and into a mudbog. Edward helped Hoo Loo out of the bog with the breakdown train 1 minute later. During the night,the engines (except Edward and Thomas) gossiped about Hoo Loo,saying he "was a disgrace to the railway".Thomas felt bad,and apoligized to Hoo Loo the next day.The 2 engines are now friends.

Hoo Loo currently helps Bill, Ben, and Mavis at the quarry.


Hoo Loo is nice and helping like Edward he also is adventurous.


  • His favorite coaches are Mindy and Lily.
  • Hoo Loo shares a shed with Murdoch, Harvey, and Salty.
  • Hoo Loo's whistle is really Percy's in a lower pitch.

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