George Returns
Season 18, Episode 7
Air date Unknown
Written by Simon Spencer
Directed by David Mitton
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Buffer Repairs
Emily and the Chinese Dragon

George Returns is a episode in Season 18.


When Donald and Douglas was Resting the Shed at the Goods Shed. When Edward asks George to let him go to the Steamworks to get their parts repaired, George does allow him to hit the truck, and Engines causes trouble. When the Fat Controller saw that, he allowed the Engines to leave and he tells punishment for George.


  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Gordan
  • James
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Donald and Douglas (Marked CGI)
  • Oliver (Marked CGI)
  • Emily
  • George (Marked CGI)
  • Edward
  • Toby (cameo)
  • The Fat Controller


On the island of Sodor, Everyone of Engines are Felling Happy and a Wonderful DAY! but expect for George...

George was Very cross, so Percy took him again.

Donald: Roolers are rubbish!

Douglas: yeah we don't like you!

George whisties louder

George: stop it you torn whistles.

Donald: Can you stop it please, you are the pasta whistles.

Douglas: YES!

George: I just don't know...

Donald: Whats wrong then?

George: I have to go for now... Somebody are picking me up now... Now I'M CROSS NOW!

Donald and Douglas Went furious

Donald: WHAT NOW!

Douglas: WHAT!

George: Goodbye!

Percy took George

George: Thanks to your ride and... I have enough of you!

Percy: Whatever you want George.

Thomas: Whats up, Percy?

Percy: George made me downed!

Thomas: Just ingore him.

Next Few Hours

Edward Tells George to not to be mean stuff

Edward: George, It's Not Nice to be mean Can I tell the Fat Controller?

George: NO!

Next day, Henry was Taking the express

George: HAHAHA!

George: you'll never get past that truck!

But Then It was too late...

Henry: Help! Help!

  • Crashes to the truck*

Henry: Who Did that?

Gordan: I think its george.

Henry: I'm getting very annoyed by George.

Next few hours, Oliver Was Very Shocked

Oliver: OUCH!

George: Hahaha! your buffer is broken!

Oliver: offf!

Next Night, Emily was taking a carriage.

Emily: What a nice day... Whoa! Who was that?

Emily Disdusscion herself.

Emily: George! How dare you hurt my route!

George: Heh heh heh...!?!? Nothing!?!?

Emily: Well I'M TELLING! Sir Topham Hatt!

TFC: George! This is your Punishment for being nasty, Naughty and Breaking the rules! DO YOU SELF MY CLEAR! YES OR NO!

George: Yes sir... ...I'm Sorry.

TFC: thats alright, everyone aren't cross at you dont worry! and I didn't meant to shout you...?

George: Thank you all!

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