The first fan season of the television series first premiered on on January 11th, 2016.

You can read it here:


  1. The Replacement - Norman tries to prove he is really useful when he fears being replaced.
  2. The Sad Story of Glynn - Gordon tells Rosie the story of Glynn the "Coffee Pot".
  3. Skiff to the Rescue - Skiff has to help Donald's fireman to the hospital when no one else is around.
  4. Thomas & The Were-Engine - Thomas fears working with Lucian, who is allegedly a "were-engine".
  5. Accident-Free - Diesel tries to break BoCo's record of no accidents before BoCo is due to recieve an award.
  6. George Strikes Again - George the Steamroller returns and causes trouble for the engines.
  7. Boring Old Frank - Frank, the diesel who works on the small railway, tries to find something to define himself.
  8. The Sodor Spectre - After Charlie teases him, Percy enlists Gordon to help play a trick on him.
  9. Harvey Takes A Stand - Harvey and Samson have a spat and try to work without each other.
  10. Terence's Train - Terence has to pull a train after arguing with Thomas about the difficulty of their duties.
  11. Duncan & Lenora - Duncan is held up by a catering lorry named Lenora regularly.
  12. Don't Loo About - Thomas and Henry have mishaps with signals.
  13. Logan & Hector - Hector attempts to take new engine Logan under his wing at the Coaling Plant.
  14. Back Engine - Molly attempts to adjust to her new duties as Wellsworth pilot.
  15. The Abominable Snow Engine - Luke and Sir Handel head into a blizzard after hearing a story from Rheneas.
  16. Monkey Business - Whiff has a mishap while transporting food to the Animal Park.
  17. Bugged! - The narrow gauge engines are in a panic when an engine from the Ministry of Defence comes to do Rheneas' work.
  18. Duck Season - Duck works with Lucian on his branch line and tries to solve a problem with hunters.
  19. Merrick & The Meteorite - A meteorite lands in Blue Mountain Quarry, and Merrick tries to help get it out.
  20. The Full Monty - Max and Monty make a contest out of their work disposing debris.
  21. Top of the Class - Class 40 returns to the island after being purchased by Sir Robert Norramby, and grows conceited.
  22. Close Encounters of the Toad Kind - Oliver and Toad have experiences involving aliens.
  23. The Missing Ballast Trucks - Mike plays a trick on Bert, but Bert gets the last laugh.
  24. Toby's Travels - Toby comes down the Harwick Branch Line completely unannounced.
  25. A China Clay Christmas - Bill, Ben, Timothy, and Marion all partake in holiday hijinks.
  26. Gordon & Bear - Gordon struggles to come to terms with sharing his express with Bear.


Characters IntroducedEdit


  • This season marks the first of several things:
    • The first season since the first to be written entirely by one person.
    • BoCo, George, Molly, Hector, and Class 40's first appearance in full CGI.
    • Killdane, The Coaling Plant, Suddery, and the Sodor Ironworks appear in CGI for the first time.
    • The first season to featured a licensed song in an episode (White Christmas by The Drifters).
    • The first season in which Thomas has spoken in less than half the episodes since the fourth.
    • The first season in which Glynn, Jerome, and Judy appear in an episode.
  • Every character rendered in CGI up to this point, with the exception of Bash, Dash, Ferdinand, and the international engines, appears in some capacity in this season.
  • Many characters experienced minor changes to their CGI designs this season:
    • Every railway character now has four lamp irons, with varying headcodes depending on the episode.
    • The rivets on Edward's bufferbeam were restored, after disappering in the tenth season.
    • Gordon's lamp was changed to an LNER-style one.
    • James is shorter, returning to the size he was in the Classic Series.
    • The counterweights on Percy's wheels were restored, after disappearing in Hero of the Rails.
    • Duck, Toad, and Butch decreased in size.
    • Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Duncan, and Captain increased in size.
    • Oliver also become closer in design to his model and basis.
    • Emily's buffers became bronze again, after changing to silver in the eighth season.
    • Rosie became slightly shorter and wider.
    • Gator's nameplate now says "Gerald".
    • Glynn and Rusty's faces became smaller, Rusty's face being restored to its size in the fourth season.
    • 'Arry became clean shaven, while Bert's stubble became thicker to help distinguish between the two.
    • While this is not a physical change, Bertie's horn changed back to the one had throughout the Classic Series.
    • Merrick's face increased in size.
    • Sir Robert Norramby's hairline receded.

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