Narrator: One lovely summer day, Rosie was shunting trucks with Emily, Molly, Thomas and Lady. Fred Pelhay and S.C. Ruffey are friends with Lady. Then, The Fat Controller arrived.

The Fat Controller: I am leaving for a vacation. Diesel 10 will be in charge of the island until i return from my vacation.

Narrator: The four engines were suprised! The next day, Lady had a broken motor, so Rosie had to take her place for the day. Then there was trouble, whern Rosie was pulling some of them, the trucks pushed her!

Trucks: ON ON ON!

Narrator: Yelled the trucks. Her driver applied the brakes, but it failed!


Narrator: Rosie was sunk into the swamp.

Rosie: HELP!

Narrator: It took three days to find rosie and rescue her. Oliver brought the breakdown train to the swamp. Rosie was lifted on to a RF container wagon and strapped up. The next day, after Rosie was repiared and cleaned off. Lady got fixed.

(end of short episode)

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