Diesel has a accident.

Plot Edit

Lorry 3 falls of a cliff right on Diesel! But Duck saves Diesel. 

Featured Characters Edit

  • Duck
  • Diesel
  • Lorry 3
  • Thomas
  • Percy (non-speaking role)
  • The Troublesome Trucks

Quotes Edit

  • Narrator: Lorry 3 was riding on a steep, high cliff. He doesn't like it.
  • Lorry 3: Oh! My wheels are slipping on that stupid cliff!!
  • Narrator: His wheels were slipping as he drove on the cliff, and there was trouble! Diesel saw Lorry 3 on the cliff, and Lorry 3 coudn't see Diesel down below, untill it was too late. Lorry 3 fell on top of Diesel!
  • Lorry 3: Aaaaaaaaah! OW!
  • Diesel: OW!

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