Diesel is a devious diesel shunter. He will soon be voiced by Kerry Shale in the upcoming live action/CGI movie: Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventures.

Diesel in Thomas and Friends the Magical Railroad Adventures

Diesel in Season 2


Build year and constructed by

1952 by Crewe/Darlington/Derby/Doncaster/Horwich Works

English voice actor(s)

Kerry Shale (UK; Season 13 onwards; US; Season 19 onwards)
Michael Brandon (US; Season 13 to Season 16)
Martin Sherman (US; King of the Railway to Season 18)

Spanish voice actor(s)

Jorge Ornelas

1st appearance

Pop Goes the Diesel

2nd appearance

Dirty Work (Diesel's Devious Deed in US dub of television adaption)


British Railways

Wheel configuration


Arrived on Sodor

June 1957

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