Dennis is an E4 tank engine that made his
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debut in the sister series to Thomas & Friends, The California Railroad Series.


Dennis was built in 1903 at Brighton Works for the London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway as a part of the last batch of E4 tank engines. His main jobs were pulling passengers and frieght on the Branch Lines throughout the line.


Dennis is based on a London Brighton and South Coast Railway E4 tank engine. Because the series takes place in California which is located in the United States, he has been modified with a cowcatcher, powerful headlamp, and a brass bell.


Dennis is painted in BritishRail's Passenger Black


Dennis is very kind and caring, and he always does his best to make sure he doesn't go to the scrapyard.


  • Dennis has been modified to work on the Califorina Line. He has a cowcatcher, a brass bell, and a powerful headlamp.

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