Narrator: Daisy, the new diesel engine, was sulking.

Freight Cars: (singing) Trucks are waiting in the yard tackling them with lazy show the world what I can do gaily boasts the Daisy in and out she creeps about like a big green crazy when she pulls the wrong trucks out pop goes the Daisy.

Narrator: The Trucks wouldn’t stop singing rudely at her.

Narrator: Rosie was appalled.

Rosie: "Shut up!"

Narrator: She ordered, and bumped them very hard."

Rosie: “I'm terribly sorry the trucks were very rude to you, Daisy"

Narrator: Daisy was still furious.

Daisy: “It's all your fault, you made them laugh at me.”

Gordon: “Nonsense.”

Narrator: said Gordon.

Gordon: “Rosie would never do that, we train engines have our differences, but we would never speak about them to the Freight Cars, that would be dis... dis…….”

Thomas: “Disgraceful.”

Narrator: said Thomas.

Percy: “Disgusting.”

Narrator: put in Percy

James: “Dispicable.”

Narrator: said James.

Narrator: Daisy hated Rosie, she wanted her to be sent away, so she made 1 plan: she was gonna tell fibs about Rosie.

Narrator: The very next day, she spoke to the Freight Cars.

Daisy: “I see you like jokes, you made 1 good joke about me yesterday, I laughed and laughed, Rosie told me 1 about James, I’ll whisper it to all of you, but don’t tell James I told you guys that.”

Narrator: and she chuckled away.

Freight Cars: "Ha, ha!”

Narrator: guffawed the Freight Cars.

Freight Cars: “James will be fed up with Rosie when he knows about it, so let’s tell him and get back at Rosie for bumping us.”

Narrator: They laughed rudely at the train engines just as they went by.

Narrator: Very soon, Thomas, Percy, Duck, Oliver, Gordon and James found out what had happened.

Duck: “Disgraceful!”

Narrator: said Duck.

Oliver: “Disgusting!”

Narrator: said Oliver.

Gordon: “Dispicable.”

Narrator: said Gordon.

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “We can’t allow it.”

Narrator: They consulted together.

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: "Yes,"

Narrator: they said.

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “She did it to all of us, we’ll do it to her and see how she likes it.”

Narrator: Rosie was all tired out.

Narrator: The Trucks had been cheeky and troublesome.

Narrator: She wanted a good rest in her train engine shed.

Narrator: The 6 train engines barred her way."

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “HOOOOSSSSHHHHH! Keep out!”

Rosie: “Stop fooling please!”

Narrator: exclaimed Rosie angrily.

Rosie: “I’m very tired!”

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “So are we.”

Narrator: hissed the engines.

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “We’re very tired of you, we like Daisy, we don’t like you, you tell stories about us to the Freight Cars.”

Rosie: “No I don’t!”

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “Yes you do!”

Rosie: “No I don’t!”

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “Yes you do!”

Narrator: The manager came to stop the shouting.

James: Rosie called me a galloping sausage!”

Narrator: spluttered James.

Gordon: “Rusty blue scrap iron!”

Narrator: put in Gordon.

Thomas: “I’m little crazy wheels.”

Narrator: fumed Thomas.

Railroad Manager: “Well, Rosie?”

Narrator: Rosie considered.

Rosie: “I only wish, kind sir.”

Narrator: she said gravely.

Rosie: “That I would thought about those names myself, if the dome fits........”

Railroad Manager: “Ahem........”

Thomas + Percy + Duck + Oliver + Gordon + James: “She made Trucks laugh at us!"

Narrator: accused the train engines.

Narrator: The manager recovered, he had been trying not to laugh himself.

Railroad Manager: “Did you, Rosie?”

Rosie: “Absolutely not, kind sir, no steam engine like me would be as mean and harsh as that.”

Narrator: Daisy lurked up.

Railroad Manager: “Now, Daisy, you heard what Rosie just said.

Daisy: “I can’t understand it, kind sir, to think that Rosie, of all train engines... I’m dreadfully grieved, kind sir, but know nothing about it.”

Railroad Manager: “I can see that.”

Narrator: said the manager.

Narrator: Daisy squirmed and hoped she didn’t.

Railroad Manager: “I’m terribly sorry, Rosie, but you need to go over to Henry’s station for a little while, I know he’ll be super excited to see you.”

Rosie: “Just as you wish, kind sir.”

Narrator: Rosie trundled devastatingly away while Daisy smirked with victory and triumph.

End of Part 2……………..