Culdee Fell Adventures is a spinoff of Thomas & Friends It focuses on the Culdee Fell Railway.


Godred- The railway's #1. He was conceited being named after a king.. He fell off the mountain and was brutally damaged.

Ernest- The railway's #2. He is an old friend of Culdee. He is wise and kind. He is also the most cautious of the original five.

Wilfred- The railway's #3.

Culdee- The railway's #4. The main protagonist of the series. Named after the mountain his railway climbs and is the most intelligent engine.

Shane Dooiney- The railway's #5. He is named after a mountain. He is proud and vain. He is also a hard worker.

Lord Harry- The railway's #6. He was reckless and named after the railway's chairman. He trapped Wilfred on the summit.

Alaric- The railway's #7.

Eric- The railway's #8. He is kind and friendly. He is also the youngest engine on the railway.  He does things the right way.

Duck- The North Western Railway's #8. He was brought to Sodor when Percy was unable to handle the heavy coaches. He showed Diesel around and taught him the Great Western way. He found his place on the railway when he prevented a nasty accident by crashing into a barber shop.

Donald- The North Western Railway's #9. He came from Scotland to help with the heavy workload. He injured his tender by crashing into a signal box. He would have been scrapped if he returned to Scotland. He is friends with Culdee.

Douglas- The North Western Railway's #10. He is Donald's younger twin brother.


Catherine- Culdee's coach. She is pushed by Culdee up the mountain. She watches the line ahead for him.

The Truck- A special piece of rolling stock used for rescue.

The Manager- The railway's controller.


Season 1Edit

Mountain Engine

Bad Look Out

Danger Points

Devil's Back

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