Copley Hill Station
Copley Hill, 7:30 AM, 1 September 1972


Copley Hill


Manchester, Glasgow, and Southern Cornwall


GNR Large Boiler C1


31 May 1905

MG&SCR Number







Henry A. Ivatt


Doncaster Works

Alternate Guises

GNR 251, MGSCR 1718 City of Cornwall

Copley, officially Copley Hill, is a Great Northern Railway C1, of the large boiler variety. Hill has five carriages he alternates, using all five on busy days.

Bio Edit

Copley worked on the Great Northern Railway, pulling a passenger train at King's Cross. In 1950, Copley hauled the last train headed by a C1 class, before being sent to a shed. After a day, he caught on to what was happening. A child came to his aid, driving him to Barrow-in-Furness under cover of night. He took along three Mark I carriages named Alexander, Willam, and Vivian. The boy, having not stopped until he got to the city, had to part ways with him at this point, leaving him in a siding. Copley Hill stayed there for two years, having been declared scrapped by the Other Railway. But, in 1952, he found some hope in the form of a railway historian, who took over from the boy to take him all the way to Sodor.

There, he stayed in another siding, being visited by whoever was passing by him, until finally being purchased in 1964 by the MG&SCR, who promptly named and renumbered him, where he lives out his life running the morning express.

Persona Edit

Hill remains cheery despite his bleak view of the future. He is very well gounded in now, and would rather have short term benefits than long term ones. Due to his experiencce at night, where he would almost be caught to scrap, he has become somewhat paranoid of threats, and always vigilant. He is alwys as accurate as possible, he feels that one mistake could lead to his downfall. He, however, has let some of his escape to his smokebox. He takes any challenge, whether or not he can actually do them.

Basis Edit

Copley Hill is a GNR C1 4-4-2 Atlantic, of which there were two kinds. He is a large boilered C1. The class was developed to pull the fastest and heaviest express trains. The particular engine Copley was based on, No 294, was built in May 1905 and scrapped in May 1951.

Livery Edit

Copley is painted in MG&SCR red, with black lining, accent colours, and wheels. He has a nameplate on each side of his smokebox, and his number painted on his cab. His tender is blank. Before being purchased, he was in British Railways passenger green, with the words "British Railways" written on his tender in white.

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