Sandy: Here we Go! My New helium inflator will certainly inflate any balloon!

  • Sandy lets go of a balloon and laughs*

Sandy: I gotta show the rest! What the.. Oh! No Pockets! Never Mind! I'll hide them in my Suit!

Narrator: 3 minutes later...

Sandy: Well! I Do look rather overweight but I can handel this!

  • Sandy squeezes through door*

Sandy: Gah! I Need a wider doorway!

Narrator: Meanwhile...

Thomas: Let's see what's on my TV:

  • Thomas surfs the TV Channels*

Thomas: Duh! There's Nothing on! Nothing exciting!

Percy: Did you say 'Nothing'?

  • Thomas nods*

Percy: Darrrr!

Thomas: I'll do my jobs now! see ya!

  • Thomas spyes Sandy and laughs*

Sandy: What's so funny?

Thomas: You! You've eaten too many nuts, you nuthead! Ha Ha Ha!

Sandy: Grrrrr! I'll Get You Thomas!

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