Narrator: Ashima Returns.

Titlecard: Ashima Returns

Written by: ""</p>

Narrator: Thomas is a cheeky tank engine with six small wheels, a short stumpy boiler, funnle, and dome. He has adventures from Sodor Misty Island, and the Mainland. Thomas went to the Great Railway Show once and made a new friend named Ashima, who was from India. Thomas couldn't stop thinking about her when she had to leave.

Narrator: One day, Thomas brought some Freight Trucks (U.S. Cars) to the Docks, feeling unhappy.Cranky: Hello Thomas. What's up with you?

Thomas: I know every engine has it's way of making others happy, but I feel down at Whiff's Wast Dump today.

Cranky: You need a love Partner, do you?

Salty: Arrrr! Cheer up, Thomas. I'm sure who ever you miss will come from a boat.

Thomas: I hope so. (hears a ship's horn.) Huh, what's this?

(A Rail-ferry comes in and Thomas could here a familiar whistle, and out of the boat was Ashima.)

Ashima: Well, it's good to be back on the suderian railway. (Hears Thomas' Whistle.) Thomas!

Thomas: Ashima! I didn't realize you were come here. what are you doing... (Vinnie stops him.) Uh oh.

Vinnie: Well, nice to see a shrimp who knows how stupid he is! Outta the way. (Puffs away.) Your controller wants to see me for my new job!

Ashima: Sorry about Vinnie, Thomas.

Thomas: It's alright. (Puffs away.) I'm sure the Fat Controller (Sir Topham Hatt.) would like for you stay for a while.

Narrator: Later that day, Ashima and Vinnie were at Knapford Station, where The Fat Controller (Sir Topham Hatt.) was waiting for them. He had news for both of them.

The Fat Controller: Ah, Ashima and Vinnie. I'm proud to say that you are going to love working on my railway.Ashima: Yes Sir. But, what are our jobs?The Fat Controller: You, Ashima, will do passenger runs on Thomas' Branch Line While Thomas is on Shunting Duty at Ffarquhar Yards. (Turns to Vinnie.) As for you Vinnie, you will take trucks (Freight cars.) to and from the Shunting Yards to their destinations. Look out for the Troublesome Trucks as well.</p>Vinnie: Yes Sir. (He and Ashima puff away.) This is ridicules.</p></p>

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