It was a sunny Sunday in October. Thomas was chugging along his usual route on the Isle of Sodor. He passed his friends Edward, Henry, James, Mourice, 87546, Mary, Duck, The Austerity Engine, 'Arry and Bert, Applejack, and Gordon and they all said “Hi!”.

As Thomas chugged up to the last junction before the station, he noticed the Fat Controller at the junction lever. “Sir Hatt!” cried Thomas, “What are you doing out here?”

“Oh Engine Tom, it's terrible! Those Troublesome Trucks have tied my grandchildren to the tracks!”

“I have had it up to here with those trucks!” said Thomas, gesturing to a high level not far from maximum. “We will have to reroute.”

Annie and Clarabel, two carriages Thomas had pulled the previous night, were there with him. Annie said to Clarabel “Oh no!” and Clarabel sad “Oh no!”.

Just as the Fat Controller was going to pull the lever, he heard a cry tied to the other track. It was his son!

Thomas said “What can we do” and Sir Hatt said “I don't know Thomas”. They sat there thinking for ten minutes.

Then, Thomas had a great idea. With the combined length of himself, Annie, Clarabel and the freight carriage of shears they were tugging, he could multi-track drift his way back to the station.

“Sir Hatt – I'm going to try something.”

“You'd better know what you're doing Thomas”

Thomas reared up by 20 metres – He'd not tried this kind of trick in many years! He closed his eyes and charged forward. With a piercing sound, Thomas leaned sideways and brought his full crew perpendicular to the rails. Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and the freight carriage locked in to BOTH sides of the junction. Sparks flew as they careened across the tracks, the Hatts, and the farm animals in between. Annie and Clarabel could not really see what was going on, as their vision was blocked by Thomas and Annie respectively.

Sir Hatt chased after Thomas, saying “You silly engine!”. He chased Thomas and Friends across the field, through the village, and up a bridge, where he finally caught up. But Thomas was out of control! Thomas knocked the Fat Controller off the bridge. The Controller fell off the edge of Sodor for 300 metres, but luckily, Harold was right underneath.

As he reached the station, Thomas finally managed to put on his brakes. His newfound passengers breathed a sigh of relief, and Thomas knew he was in for some trouble when the Fat Controller came home! Spongebob asked Thomas how his day had been and Thomas said he was worn out from the daily grind. Goodnight Thomas. Goodnight.

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