James Learns a Lesson and Other Stories is a US VHS featuring three Season 1, two season 2, two Season 3 Episodes by George Carlin. It was distributed by Strand VCI Entertainment in 1994, Strand Home Video in 1996, Time-Life in 1997, Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2003 on VHS and DVD. The DVD was released by Lionsgate in 2009 and Universal Studios Home Entertainment in 2014.


Description Edit

Episodes Edit

  1. A Proud Day for James
  2. The Runaway
  3. Gordon Takes a Dip
  4. Thomas Breaks the Rules
  5. Bulgy
  6. Mavis
  7. Edward's Exploit

Song Edit

  1. Let's Have a Race '(DVD Only)'

Bonus Features Edit

  • Character Gallery
  • Really Useful Engines "DVD game"

Goofs Edit

  • The VHS Front features the deleted scene from "Old Iron" but that episode was never Featured on the Episodes.
  • The VHS Back Features the scene from "Trust Thomas" but That episode isn't on the Episodes.
  • On the DVD Front cover, The screenshot from "The Runaway" shows Thomas wearing Percy's tired face.

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